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July 15, 2014

DRR Goes to School and Campus

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In 2012 I volunteered to be the trainer for a Go Green and DRR Go to School and Campus project. This project was organized by WALHI Aceh, a leading national environmental conservation NGO, and DRR-A UNDP, aiming 16 schools and campuses in Aceh. 

The project was a low-cost DRR and environmental education project. Not only that we managed to encourage the students to review their budget and reduce unnecessary costs, all trainers also taught for free. To train the topics of DRR I got the support from my DRR-A colleagues, Fahmi Yunus and Muhammad Fuadi. We also encouraged the student associations in our partner schools and universities make some fundraising efforts before proposing for additional training funds from us. By having student associations working that way, we could be sure that they were seriously committed to having the training.

We used only one banner in all 16 rounds of event. By using such one-for-all banner, we could both save the cost and reduce the use of plastic materials. To further minimize the cost, we organized the workshops in school halls, classrooms, or even at the campus' cafeteria. The cafeteria arrangement turned out to be quite interesting as we could reach even more participants. We managed to gather 50-150 participants in each round of event, yielding into an overall of more than 1,000 participants by the end of our training cycle.

To me, the best things of that project was that we had the opportunity to motivate the students to start their own DRR and environmental conservation projects. We also raised the funding to buy fruit trees to be planted at the schoolyards. At the end we expected that those trees would not only green the campuses but also bloomed some joys when they started to their fruits. The best of all, I made friends with other WALHI Volunteers. I believe that one day I will replicate this training scheme in some other places. :)

Looking back, here are some news on that project, published by WALHI and various local media in Aceh. All are written in Bahasa Indonesia. 
1. WALHI dan UNDP Kampanye Lingkungan Hidup di Kantin UNAYA (WALHI and UNDP Held Environmental Awareness Campaign in UNAYA's Canteen)
2. WALHI dan UNDP Sosialisasi Lingkungan Hijau dan Penanggulangan Bencana ke Mahasiswa Abulyatama (WALHI and UNDP Shared About Green Environment and Disaster Management to Abulyatama Students)
4. WALHI Latih 25 Aktivis Lingkungan, published in WALHI's website and in The Globe Journal. (WALHI Trained 25 Environmental Activists)
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