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July 15, 2014

Disaster Risk Reduction Stories in UNDP Newsletter

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In 2007 I wrote some stories on disaster risk reduction initiatives developed through the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Projects of UNDP Aceh Nias Emergency Response and Transitional Recovery (UNDP ERTR). Back on those days we started our efforts to raise public awareness on DRR through local radio and television programs as well as through school education. We also advocated lawmakers and the newly-elected government to incorporate DRR into their development plans. Below are the links to the newsletters: 

March 2007, Turning Up The Volume to Disaster Risk Reduction (page 8)
May 2007, Reaching A Milestone in Disaster Risk Reduction (page 7)
September 2007, Back to School with Disaster Risk Reduction (page 4)
November 2007, Disaster Risk Reduction Begins at School (page 9)
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